CELT Colleges delivery original English Language courses in Baku, Azerbaijan. We are part of Cambridge English Preparation Center run by Cambridge English Language and Assessment.

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CELT could help you gain any university in the world. To get admitted to the Top Universities in the world, you need to have a plan for preparation. Get a successfull plan!

Study Abroad

İngilitərə diploma bakıda

Get a UK diploma in Baku. You can finish your foundation year in Azerbaijani and get access directly to the Bachelor’s degree in the UK.

UK Diploma in Baku

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  1. Hello

    I am in Baku for a year and would like to learn English intensively during this time.
    Would like every day from Monday to Thursday two individual lessons occupy.
    From the time of your favorite between 2 and 4 o’clock.
    But the lessons would have to be flexible, as I have to travel abroad. I would most like to take classes in CELT colleges
    Visit Old City.

    Are such English lessons possible with them?

    Friendly greetings

    • Dear Martin,

      Thanks for your interest. Yes, it is possible but not all the time. As you travel classes should be postponed frequently. Some of our offices will be fully booked and will be unable to deliver flexible courses. I would highly appreciate if you could call or visit other offices to check availability. Sahil, 28 May, Khatai and other offices could accept flexible courses if there is a space. It is the best to visit them or call them directly.


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