Azerbaijan as a country is a place, where people mainly speak Turkish and Russian as a second language. It is for sure a direct effect of being under control of USSR.  That is why most of the students face the problem of speaking English as a native speaker. At schools they generally learn grammatical rules and do not frequently use their listening and speaking abilities. In general, school education in Azerbaijan consists of three levels – primary, general secondary, and full secondary education, and general secondary school education begins with six years of age. General secondary school education is conducted on relevant educational programs (curriculums). According to this curriculum, students are taught English in a traditional way. Of course, there are some schools encouraging teachers to teach their students in more effective and contemporary ways. We can still observe that the rules of learning English are not implemented as it has to be.

As a company, CELT Colleges, which is the official center of Cambridge University, offers the students the chance of learning English in an atmosphere, where the main target of the students is to communicate. The company arranges more intensive speaking classes enabling each student to have more than a teacher, which improves students’ flexibility towards speaking. Classes are arranged according to students’ levels. Here, various level of students, ranged from A1 to C1 are being taught English in a systematic and organized way. For example, CELT Colleges Narimanov branch, with its small cafe, makes learning available while drinking a cup of coffee. Having 12 branches in Baku, the company has been operating for since 2001. At CELT Colleges, students aged from 3 may take the opportunity of using several services such as, learning General English, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE, Business English. The company not only teaches, but also serves as a study abroad center in Azerbaijan. With our professional team, we are always ready to meet your needs.



Baba Karimli

Student Recruitment Coordinator 

m. +994 50 787 57 66

t.   +994 12 566 48 23



s.  Haydar Aliyev Avenue, 79/2 

p.  Az1033, Baku

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